Waukesha Technical College Parents And Counsellers

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life at any age. However, as they progress on to higher levels in life, other units must come in to the child’s life to monitor and assist them when the parents are not around. Such an example is when the child is in college. This is an advanced life stage of young adulthood that comes with a lot of loopholes. In college, counsellors play an important role in tracking progress of students and their emotional positions. They monitor behavioral and even mental changes in students and work towards maintain a good balance.

When they work together, they are able to identify the student’s strengths and build them as well as their weaknesses and give them confidence.

The counselling program has a variety of programs that parents can link to nurture a student’s life. These are;

  1. Provide students with individual counselling. This allows the counselor to delve into the student’s life and ascertain the latter has problems that may affect his/her student life and the liaise with the parent to discuss the student’s issues and tackle them together.
  2. Develop critical life skills. Life skills are virtues that a parent should help a child sharpen together with counselors they will be able to know each and every child’s strong points and help them develop them

III. Identifying and resolving personal and academic barriers. These barriers are normal in any student’s life. What happens at home is not known in school and what happens in school is not known at home. Parents and counsellors need to merge to identify both and help the student solve underlying issues.

  1. Determine and accomplish personal goals. This is another area that counselors and parents should work together. They know the student’s aspirations and they can take them there.
  2. Gain insight into themselves and others. Students are always unsettled when they don’t know what they want and what they can achieve. Consequently, they can’t maintain relationships with others if they don’t understand themselves. Parents and counsellors can help students really understand themselves better and be sure of what they want in life.