Top Schools in Wisconsin

Schools are many in the state of Wisconsin. But when you would want to admit your kid to one of them, then you would want the best of the information about all the popular and top schools in Wisconsin. The state has a nice literacy rate where ninety percent of the students undergo graduation to complete their education. In 2016 only five of the Wisconsin schools got a gold medal from the U. S. News Best High Schools. Sixty four schools got silver medals and ninety five of the schools got bronze, which are impressive statistics. To help out parents, looking for the best Wisconsin school information, here are the top 10 schools of the state.

  1. Whitefish Bay High

This is ranked the first in all of the Wisconsin schools. The school students get the scope to go for Advanced Placement courses and exams after schooling. The student to teacher ratio is 16:1. Interestingly the Whitefish Bay school is the only school in the whitefish bay district. The school is an exceptionally great place for learning all types of activities to become an all rounder. It’s located at the whitefish Bay village, and is a comprehensive public secondary school.

  1. Reagan College Preparatory High

Students passing out of the school get the scope to appear for the International Baccalaureate exams and course work. The student to teacher ratio is thirty nine for one. The school is one of 31 schools in the Milwaukee school district. And one of the finest modes of transport in the district is the Limo Milwaukee services which help reach the school in style. The school is one of the Milwaukee public schools. It has the alternating day school system. The school came into fame with the 2012 gold status it received in the US News as the 197 ranked best US school.

  1. Cedarburg High

The Cedarburg High school is quite an old establishment. It is eighteen miles from Milwaukee. The school is a public high school and it is also the member of the North Shore Conference. It accepts students from portions of Mequon, Grafton, Jackson and West Bend. At present there are seventy eight faculty members in the school. The school earned honor when it got selected in National Blue Ribbon Schools as one of the 337 U.S. schools, and one of the eight Wisconsin schools. After this in 2015 it was again in the news for being selected as one of America’s best high schools and, and again was shown in the US and World news reports.

  1. Eisenhower Middle/ High

This is one of the top picks in Wisconsin schools today after it got the limelight as the gold status school in 2016. It’s actually a combination of high school and middle school and is located at New Berlin. Students can study from the seventh grade to twelfth in the school. The school also has national recognition as the Blue Ribbon School. Fifty percent of the students are males and rest females, and the student to teacher ratio is seventeen for one.

  1. New Berlin Middle/ High

This is one of the best schools in Wisconsin, where you get great teachers and great ambience for studies. It ranks the fifth in the Wisconsin schools. And students here can take part in Advanced Placement exams and courses after school. It’s one of the two high schools in Berlin, and the student to teacher ratio is sixteen for one. It has a rank of 498 in the national school rankings in the US.

  1. Williams Bay High

In this school the student to teacher ratio is even better with eleven for one. Minority enrollment is twelve percent and it is the sixth best Wisconsin school. The number of students is quiet low though at only 181 at present. It’s a four year school and a public high school. The students are ahead in athletics. The sports team is named Bulldog. The volleyball team of the girls has won state championships from 2003 to 2005 through three consecutive years. The school got ranked at no 131 as one of the best US schools by Newsweek.

  1. Arrowhead High

The Arrowhead high school is the seventh good school in Wisconsin. The total number of students is 2257 and the student to faculty ratio is nineteen for one. It’s the only high school in the district of Arrowhead Uhs school district. The school is located on an area of 117 acres. It has two campuses. The north campus is for the juniors and seniors. The south campus is for the sophomores and freshmen.

  1. King International

The full name is Rufus king international school, and it is the eighth top schools in Wisconsin. Minority enrollment is eighty percent. The school is one of the 31 high schools in the Milawaukee district. It’s easy to connect to the school from all parts of the district through the Limo Milwaukee services. Ranked 576 in the national rankings, the school has earned great recognition for its great academics, and for opening to the IBDP program for its students.

  1. Homestead High

Ranked ninth best among the Wisconsin schools, Homestead High school has 1302 students at present. The student to faculty ratio here is seventeen for one, which is decent. It’s the only high school in the district of Mequon-Thiensville. Students can participate after schooling in AP program. Students within an area of forty eight sq miles come to this school. The graduation rate of the school is ninety nine percent.

  1. Middleton High

Located at the district of Middleton-cross plains, the school has 1989 students and a student to teacher ratio of seventeen for one. Minorities are twenty percent amongst the students. It’s a public secondary school. Located in the Middleton city it teaches students from grade nine to twelve. The students of the school are hardworking and famous in athletics. The school team plays in first level WIAA division. Ninety percent of the students from the school graduates.

All of these Wisconsin schools have a great name in the state as well as the nation, for nurturing the best in their students. Whether it’s academics, sports, or extracurricular activities, students studying in these schools will excel in most spheres. There are many other good schools in the district which offers great study programs and good faculty. But when you consider the admission of your child, you always inquire first about the best and here they are.

Waukesha Technical College Parents And Counsellers

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life at any age. However, as they progress on to higher levels in life, other units must come in to the child’s life to monitor and assist them when the parents are not around. Such an example is when the child is in college. This is an advanced life stage of young adulthood that comes with a lot of loopholes. In college, counsellors play an important role in tracking progress of students and their emotional positions. They monitor behavioral and even mental changes in students and work towards maintain a good balance.

When they work together, they are able to identify the student’s strengths and build them as well as their weaknesses and give them confidence.

The counselling program has a variety of programs that parents can link to nurture a student’s life. These are;

  1. Provide students with individual counselling. This allows the counselor to delve into the student’s life and ascertain the latter has problems that may affect his/her student life and the liaise with the parent to discuss the student’s issues and tackle them together.
  2. Develop critical life skills. Life skills are virtues that a parent should help a child sharpen together with counselors they will be able to know each and every child’s strong points and help them develop them

III. Identifying and resolving personal and academic barriers. These barriers are normal in any student’s life. What happens at home is not known in school and what happens in school is not known at home. Parents and counsellors need to merge to identify both and help the student solve underlying issues.

  1. Determine and accomplish personal goals. This is another area that counselors and parents should work together. They know the student’s aspirations and they can take them there.
  2. Gain insight into themselves and others. Students are always unsettled when they don’t know what they want and what they can achieve. Consequently, they can’t maintain relationships with others if they don’t understand themselves. Parents and counsellors can help students really understand themselves better and be sure of what they want in life.

What is Wakesha Technical College?

Wakesha Technical College is a comprehensive educational institute in Pewaukee, WI, offering an extensive spectrum of education. This institute covers over 150 areas of study, through its 4 integrated academic schools. The institute offer programs in business administration, health, applied technologies, and protective & human services.

With a comprehensive education framework that includes a pool of qualified, expert and experienced teachers, skilled support staffs and a robust academic set up, this institute dedicates itself to nation development by nurturing talent and carrying education to students for several years. WCTC emphasizes the holistic development of the students, customizing college experience as well as ensuring success.

The management at WCTC aims to provide quality education to the students. It not only impart theoretical knowledge but, ensures that students develop hands-on exposure on the areas of study.

This college promotes industry-academic collaboration. Hence, the knowledge of the students never stays confined within the extent of theoretical knowledge only. Hence, it is not wondered that students from this particular institute have made a mark in the industry.

Students of this institute love the ambiance in the college and in their opinion, it supports knowledge sessions. Teachers in these institutes are highly experienced and expert. They dedicate themselves to the cause of holistic development of the students.

This college has got a wonderful campus and has a comprehensive framework. It includes well-equipped hostel arrangements for the students. This institute charges the most nominal course fees. Hence, students find no difficulties in seeking admission to this institute. In addition, the institute has various sponsorship schemes to support the meritorious but needy students.

WCTC has marked a mark in the education sector at the national level and hence, you can definitely consider seeking admission to this institute to secure your future and take the first step towards a glorious career.


Programs & Courses Offered By Waukesha County Technical College

Want to learn something from the technical courses and excel in them? Then you should visit the Waukesha County Technical College. They offer some great programs and courses that you will surely love. If you want an associate degree or a certificate in any particular area or a technical diploma, you can definitely rely on the WCTC courses. You can learn a lot of technical skills too from these courses. This is one of the best technical colleges that you can count on to learn and know a lot about technical courses.


Courses Offered by WCTC

There are a lot of dynamic programs that are offered by Waukesha County Technical College. All the programs and courses are housed within the four schools of WCTC. These are School of Applied Technologies, School of Protective & Human Service, School of Health and School of Business.


Applied Technologies: This program provides a lot of courses like architectural drafting and construction technology, carpentry, facilities maintenance etc. Along with that you can also learn refrigeration, AC and heating services. There are also degrees, diplomas, certificates in different categories of graphic communication, manufacturing, transportation and Apprenticeships.


School of Business: It offers degree, diploma and certificates in different courses like Business and Management, Finance, Hospitality, Banking, Culinary, Marketing & Sales and information technologies.


School of Health: This school of health offers diploma, degree and certificates on various courses like dental, health, nursing and many other varieties of courses.


School of Protective & Human Services: The degree, diploma and certificate courses offered by them are Education & Human services, Public Safety (Fire protection, Emergency medical service), American Heart Association courses, training for law enforcement etc.


So, these are the programs and courses that are offered by Waukesha County Technical College. You can opt for any of these technical courses to get the best knowledge and degree on these courses.

The Top School In Wisconsin

Located on a 157-acre piece of land in the town of Merton which is situated about 4.5 miles from Hartland Wisconsin, Arrowhead High School is hands down one of the greatest High Schools in Wisconsin – and for legitimate reasons too. In 2016 the school had a 90 percent Advanced Placement(AP) passing score. Out of the number who sat for the examination, 88 students were awarded the AP scholar award, 65 received the AP scholar with honors, 110 students received the AP scholars with distinction and 21 students managed the National AP.

The school has a 50:50 split between male and female students an indication that it supports gender equality. Ranked 7th in Wisconsin, Arrowhead has a student- teacher ratio of 19:1 ensuring students receive the attention and support they need to achieve their highest potential. The school serves the grades between 9 and 12 and has recorded a whopping 99 percent graduation rate.

Arrowhead’s mission is to provide a comprehensive public education that will enable students succeed and become responsible adults in the future which it has managed to do overwhelmingly. Some of its achievements in 2016 include: being named by the world report as one of the best high schools in the nation, more than half of its student base receiving a cumulative GPA of 3.5, receiving it’s 15th school in wisconsinstraight Journal sentinel Preps plus school of the year award and it’s robotic team earning a second place at the state level competition. The school earned a silver medal based on its performance on state required tests and was also recognized by the Washington post as one of the most challenging High Schools in the country. It is also one of the few High Schools to receive a distinguished rating of 10 out of 10.

The Arrowhead student experience is characterized by unlimited possibilities. Opportunities abound both inside and outside the classroom. Arrowhead offers unparalleled facilities to its students. This includes well-stocked libraries, an indoor ice arena, 12 tennis courts, a 439 seat performing arts center, a swimming pool, a track and a football stadium which is one of the finest in the state -just to name a few.

Children with special needs will also find the environment at Arrowhead High School to be very friendly. Arrowhead offers a best buddies program, which is a program dedicated to enhancing the lives of students with intellectual disabilities. It works by linking high school students with and without disabilities to assist those with intellectual disabilities to become more independent and realize more social opportunities.

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